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Removal of numerical marking from the Access to HE Diploma Grading Scheme

Date: June 30 - 2018

Use of numerical marking as part of the Access to HE Diploma grading scheme will cease on 1 September 2020, although Access Validating Agencies (AVAs) are at liberty to implement its removal sooner.

Numerical marking is not compulsory under the Grading Scheme. It was included to address the concerns of some subject groups when grading was introduced in 2009. Since its introduction there has been confusion about when numerical marking could be applied and how it should work alongside the other grade descriptors. There have also been concerns about why there was no national or AVA scale for grades and numerical marking.

QAA's guidance has tried to address these concerns, nevertheless recent experience has shown that the challenges in its implementation have meant it has not been used widely. Therefore approval to remove numerical marking was granted by the Access Recognition and Licensing Committee (ARLC) at its April meeting.

More information about the Grading Scheme and changes are available on the QAA website.