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Consultation launched on Review of Grading Scheme for Access to HE

Date: August 12 - 2019

QAA is conducting a review of the Grade Scheme for Access to HE Diplomas. Our development and working groups, comprising experts in the design, delivery and assessment of Access to HE Diplomas have approved the model that we will be consulting on. The new model will be based on a set of Marking Standards.

We expect the new marking standards to provide an opportunity to implement greater standardisation while maintaining the local flexibility of Access to HE qualifications. We anticipate the new marking standards will make grading decisions clearer for providers, students and receiving institutions.

The proposed scheme comprises three elements. Each element will be applied to each assignment. Where more than one assignment is used to assess a unit, the unit grade will be determined from a grade profile or matrix.

We are interested in responses from individuals who may be affected by these changes. This includes Access to HE students, Access to HE providers, Access Validating Agencies and Higher Education receiving institutions.

We also welcome responses from anyone with an interest in the Access to HE Diploma.

Responses should be submitted via our Online Survey. The consultation will run until 5pm on Friday 20 September 2019.