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The Access to HE Diploma in Medicine provides the opportunity for mature students to enter higher education and embark on a career in Medicine. It provides a foundation in knowledge focused toward a medical degree, offering a route for mature students from a diverse range of backgrounds to gain entry to medical school and train as doctors. Former Access to HE students at Keele University School of Medicine share their stories of transitioning into higher education and progressing into a medical career.

Stories from former Access to HE students at Keele Medical School

Foundation Year 1 doctor
Formerly a registered nurse

I hadn’t previously done the traditional A-levels that you would expect; so I contacted various medical schools and discussed with them what would be the best route to become a doctor, and they advised several Access courses.
First year medical student
Formerly in farming

I found out about Access to HE as I was trying to find a way into Medicine having never been to university or done science A-levels. I took the course because it was the only way I could find that was a feasible route into Medicine for me.
Final year medical student
Formerly in business management

The most useful parts of the Access course are some of the topics that are covered. Not having A-levels in Biology, Chemistry or Physics meant that I was at a disadvantage; but I was also at an advantage as I was being taught things that were more geared toward a medical degree.
Final year medical student
Formerly a plumber

The Access course was very good at getting the fundamentals to start the Medicine course. Although nothing can prepare you for medical school, the Access course does a very good job.
Foundation Year 1 doctor
Formerly a hairdresser

If the end goal is what you want, absolutely do it. It’s a very difficult degree, but if you want it, it’s doable, and the Access course definitely helped me and I would do it all over again if I could.
Second year medical student
Formerly an actor

Working on the Access course enabled me to figure out how to study again - it helped me to develop my own strategies and techniques. But probably most importantly of all, it gives you the confidence that you do have the capability and capacity to come onto an incredibly complex degree course and do well.