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Open College Network West Midlands

This is a Google map showing the colleges that deliver Access to HE courses for this AVA. If you have any problems using this map, please go to the list of this AVA's courses and colleges in our course search.

ProviderProvider   AVAAVA


Open College Network West Midlands was created in 2005 from the merger of OCN for Central England, OCN North West Midlands and OCN West Midlands. Until March 2015 it was known as Open College Network West Midlands Region.

AVA licensing

2007: Licence provisionally granted.
2009: Licence confirmed.
2015: Licence renewed.
2017: Licence continuation confirmed.


Total number of providers: 40
Total number of Access to HE courses available: 155
Total number of Access to HE courses running: 155
Total Access to HE learner registrations: 5,185
Total Access to HE certifications: 2,286