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Higher education staff


Information about how to frame offers and set entry requirements for Access to HE Diploma applicants, including a brief outline of grading for HE admissions staff, updated to reflect the requirements of the 2013 Diploma specification are included in our HE admissions toolkit. Two presentations complete the toolkit. You can download the presentations, 2013 Access to HE Diploma specification (PDF, 300KB) and 2013 Access to HE Diploma admissions to higher education (PDF, 405 KB), or you can request a copy by contacting us.

Grading and assessment

For information about grading and assessment on Access to HE courses, please consult the more detailed information about the common grading scheme (the full grading scheme is available in the QAA Recognition Scheme for Access to HE section of our Publications library).

Course information

To confirm whether a particular courses has been recognised by QAA, consult QAA's Access courses database.

For information about individual Access to HE courses or an applicant's individual programme of study, please contact the course provider for full details or the Access Validating Agency responsible for the course. (Please note that the content of Access to HE Diplomas is determined at local level).

Other ways to get involved in Access to HE 

Access to HE courses are designed to equip adult students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in HE. QAA's Recognition Scheme requires Access Validating Agencies (AVAs) to involve staff working in HE in the development, approval and monitoring of Access to HE Diplomas to ensure that all Access to HE courses are fit for purpose.

HE staff are therefore involved in Access to HE in a range of ways, such as:

  • recruitment and widening participation activity, such as making arrangements for open days or special visits; or organising mentoring or buddying schemes for local Access to HE students
  • advising on course content when a new Access to HE Diploma is being developed
  • taking part in the validation of Access to HE Diplomas
  • acting as moderators for local Access to HE courses
  • serving on Access Validating Agencies' committees.

If you are interested in being involved in Access to HE in any of these ways, contact your local Access Validating Agency, or contact us for advice.

Further information

For the latest information about QAA developments, surveys, consultations and events on Access to HE visit our news section.

For any other enquiries about Access to HE, or to book a speaker for a particular event, please contact us.


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