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North Lindsey College

Speaker key

JW: Joanna Wynn
DF: Danny Fenwick, Course Tutor at North Lindsey College
JC: Jane Corrie, Course Tutor at North Lindsey College


JW: I'm here at the Access to HE Conference in Birmingham, and with me are Danny Fenwick, who is a Course Tutor and Jane Corrie, another Course Tutor, at North Lindsey College. First of all, congratulations, Danny and Jane for being commended as the Access to HE Provider of The Year in the first year that we are offering these awards, that is fantastic.

DF: Thank you.

JC: Thank you.

JW: Can you tell me, first of all, what makes North Lindsey College a great place to be an Access student?

DF: Yes, certainly. North Lindsey College is very welcoming to students from all backgrounds and from our town and the wider community. We have a real culture around the college which is open and honest and friendly. And we have a reputation on the access course for delivering quality, so this in essence attracts students. We also have students who share their success stories who have been on the Access and word of mouth also advertises the course, as it is the best provider to get Access in our county.

JW: Okay, and Jane, coming on to you, what sort of support and opportunities are there are North Lindsey for your Access students?

JC: There is a vast array of support and it has been recognised from the OFSTED results as well, the Grade One Outstanding results that North Lindsey gained in the last OFSTED report; and they actually did commend us on our Student Support. We have councillors on site, for any student, no matter what the problem is, and on a more academic level we have a huge success centre, which allows not just the students that have a recognised disadvantage against them, such as dyslexia that they may see that as a hurdle, to overcome, and we help and support them with those kinds of needs. But also with the needs of stretching the student, so the student that is gaining merits but wants those distinctions, how are they able to improve their academic skill, their layout of assignments etc.,. etc., so it enhances all students.

JW:  Do you feel that the student who has come through North Lindsey and done the Access course is fully prepared then to go on to Higher Education?

JC: I'd like to believe so. Completely.

DF: Absolutely, yeah. If anything we have an aim of over-preparing the students in the level of work what we offer, and how much we stretched them, the feedback we get from students who have gone on to university, which is something we do trace, is that the year on Access is more demanding than the first year at University and they are fully prepared for university. So in the whole experience on the course, not just on the course, not just academically, but the communication, the group work, the social side of things, the networking, it is a full preparation for the university careers ahead.

JW: How do you feel being commended for the Provider of the Year Award in the first year that we are running these awards?

DF: Very proud really, when compiling reports reflecting on the evidence what we put together and the feedback from the students from external moderators, and from other agencies we deal with, when looking at the evidence and the figures we have achieved and the students story and progression, it is quite humbling really to know that you have made such an impact on many, many students' lives and careers as a teacher, as a course tutor, one person you are helping may go on to be a nurse, or a social worker who in turn, will help many, many others.  So it is something that the college and the community can be very proud of and I know as tutors and as teachers we are very proud to be part of the Access Course and part of the success.

JW: And finally, Jane, what would be your top tips for anyone thinking about going on to Higher Education and doing it through an Access Programme such as the ones you offer at North Lindsey?

JC: Simply, just go for it, really. If you have a dream or an aspiration, then just go for it.

JW: That is great, thank you both very much.