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How to choose the right course for you

What would you like to study?

The first step is to decide what subject you would like to study. A good place to start is to think about what course you would like to do at university and which Access to HE Diploma might best prepare you for this.

Where would you like to study?

Next think about where you want to study. Most courses are delivered at further education (FE) colleges. There are hundreds of colleges in England and Wales which offer Access to HE courses, and most people live within travelling distance of an FE college. However, if you are not able to attend a college, or your local college does not offer the course you are looking for, there are also a small number of courses which are offered by distance learning, where you study at home on your own.

How would you like to study?

Most courses are full time so that students can complete the course in one year, but this does not mean that you will be in college all day throughout the week. If you think you might need to study over a longer period, or you will have very limited times available for attending college, you might need to look at part-time courses.

Finding a course

Once you've got an idea of what, where and how you'd like to study, you can use our course search to find a suitable course. To get the best possible results, you might find it useful to read our advice on how to use the course search first. 

Finding out more 

Once you have found a suitable Access to HE course and would like more information on the application process, please take a look at our advice on how to apply for an Access to HE course.

Once you have found a course that you are interested in, it is a good idea to contact the college for more detailed and practical information.

If you are hoping to go on to do a degree course (or other high-level qualification) at a specific university, then it can be useful to contact them as well, to check that the Access to HE Diploma you have chosen is in an appropriate subject area and is recognised by the university.

To hear from Access to HE staff and students about their experiences please also take a look at our films, podcasts and real life stories.