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RB: Rachel Beckett

RH: Roy Holloway




RB: Roy, I believe you did an Access to Higher Education course before you started your teaching degree, and I just wondered how you found that as a preparation for your studies here.


RH: Sure, the Access course, for myself, I viewed very much as a second chance and it is fabulous to be able to be given a second chance of education. In terms of preparation I have found that with regards to my peers on my course at the moment, I am certainly two steps ahead in terms of knowing how to reference, given clear instruction on how to write academic reports and essays, and what have you, and it has been a fabulous, fabulous grounding for my studies certainly.


RB: So it is something you would recommend other people to do if they haven't gone through the traditional route?


RH: Oh highly, absolutely. What I found with the Access course, not my own experience but certainly I would say quite a high percentage of the people on the Access course, when they were at school a few years ago, suffered from dyslexia which wasn't picked up on at the time necessarily and that is why they probably failed in years gone by; but with the increase in technology and the fact that it has been recognised, they flew through the course with all the help and guidance that the university gave them and they deserved a second chance, and they got it.


RB: Do you mind me asking what you did before the course, what sort of career you were in prior to that?


RH: I have been in sales for 20 years with different organisations, selling things and I had a bit of a personality so I've decided to move away from selling and move into something I felt a bit more worthwhile which is teaching.


RB: Yeah, that's lovely and the Access course has opened the door for you to do that.


RH: Yes, it has been fabulous, great experience.


RB: Lovely, thanks very much for talking to us.


RH: Thank you very much.


End of recording.